The Gracious Ryokan, creating soft and gentle warmth


SOUUNKAKU is Japanese Authentic Traditional Hotel called Ryokan, which is opened in TAISYOU 14.
Please experience Hot Spring that is coming from our private source, Seasonal Kaiseki Cuisine, and rooms have a grandstand view of sky and mountain.


Suite Room with Private Open-Air Bath

It is the most spacious and enjoyable our Onsen with your private space. A long chair for relaxing or reading a book, is available between the room and Open-Air Bath.

Japanese Style Room with Hakone Mountain Range

The view from this room has Hakone Mountain Range, Sky and Cloud. The sky is clear; you would be able to overlook from Sagami Bay to Miura Peninsula far away. Also, we prepare a table of natural sliced stump, `KOTATSU` in winter, which is unique to Japanese Culture.

Japanese Style Room with Souun-Zan Forrest

The quiet time in green forest would be enjoyable in this room. The atmosphere of the green at night is different from daytime with the light up. Natural Tree and Tatami aroma is unexpectedly comfortable. Please experience the deep and gentle relaxing time with us.

Japanese Style Room at 1st Floor.

A spacious room with the stately Japanese Style offer you leisured holiday. Behind the `Yukimi Shouji`, there is a peaceful spot garden. Hope you enjoy the elegant moment in our exotic room.


We offer you that Hot Spring is flowing from our original source.


Public Bath has two kinds of Tub that called Hot Spring and Cold Spring.
Please experience to take the ONSEN one after the other.


Please feel the power of Hot Spring`s Original Source.
2F Open Hours: 14:00-24:00 / 5:00-9:00.
Woman and Men`s Public Bath would be changed at the time above.


You would feel the quality of Hot Spring following directly from the original source.
2F Open Hours: 14:00-24:00 / 5:00-9:00
Woman and Man`s Publish Bath would be changed at the time above.

Public Open-Air Bath

It is quietly stand by in the gift of a dynamic nature.
Listen to the bird`s whisper during you are enjoying Hot Spring and relax your body slowly.


The Bath is lightening up at night time. Please enjoy fantastic scenery.
2F Open Hours: 14:00-24:00 / 5:00-9:00
Woman and Man`s Public Bath would be changed at the time above.


Relax and Feel the mountain breath during taking a bath.
2F Open Hours: 14:00-24:00 / 5:00-9:00
Woman and Man`s Public Bath would be changed at the time above.

Private Open-Air Bath - Reservation Required

With your family, friend or partner, enjoy the private hot spring with a superb view of Souun Mountain.

We offer you a deck chair and bed in the area.
3F ¥3,780.- / 45mins

Relaxation Room

Please have a break time for a while after the hot spring.
We offer you relaxing time at sofa, massage chairs, and water server after the bath.
Hope you would enjoy this area as a meeting point.




We prepare ingredients that are in season, such as Finest Hida Beef and Fresh Fishes delivered every morning.


The dining area is divided for each room. Experience the Japanese Traditional Full Course with the quaint room.

Special Order for Food and Drink

We offer fine selected food and abundance of alcohol and drinks. If you have any allergy or least favorite food, please let us know at the reservation. It is possible to arrange the meal for only Pesco-Vegetalian. We apologize that we would not be able to offer you Vegetarian Meal.


We prepare the delightful breakfast with our fine selection for your body and soul.
It is Japanese-Style Breakfast such as Rice, Miso Soup, and Grilled Fish….etc.


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TEL +81-460-82-3311 FAX 0460-87-7714 (reservation center)

We may not be able to receive calls outside of the coverage area

Email :

Address : Hakone Machi Gora 1300-492,Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0408

Check In 15:00 - 18:00 / Check Out 10:00

To make your stay more comfortable and relax, our check-in time is until 18:00.

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