The Ryokan, Blending of Tradition and Modern


Hanaougi is Japanese-Style Luxury Hotel in Gora. We offer you the the time of peaceful and relaxing moment with seasonal view and cuisine. The corridor is all decorated by Straw Mat called TATAMI. Staying with us must be one of the most elegant experiences in Japanese Custom.

At the soaring lobby, there are 3 chandeliers made by wood. Also, there is an IRORI Fire Place made by JINDAI-KEYAKI that is the tree was under the volcanic ash for 2600 year at Akita Prefecture.

The moment that your body and soul would be satisfied is only Hanaougi could.
Hope you experience our special and unique OMOTENASHI that have come out of Hida.


All of the rooms are including private open-air bath that has a superb view of GAIRIN Mountain and Forrest.
Hope you enjoy staying with us with quiet and peaceful moment.

Suite Room

This is the most spacious room in Gora Hanaougi, designed and built by Skilled Japanese Traditional Craftsman of Hida, Open-Air Bath is located the magnificent view of Hakone. Please experience the warmth of wood by Japanese Professionals.

Semi Suite
Room 2F

It has a special edition of the room layout. Open-Air bath is facing the mountain side from the deck rooms. The amazing Mountain View from large window at bedroom would meet your satisfaction. Enjoy the nature of Hakone Season.

Bed Type
Room 2F

This room is a standard of Gora Hanaougi. We offer you 2 beds of SIMONS with a good-quality furniture with a tasteful design. You would enjoy the nature of Hakone Seasons.

Terrace Type
Room 1F

Terrace of 12 m² is attached to the open-air bath ,spacious rooms of charm.
The capacity we have is two people, but the use of the three people is also available.
Please inquire directly to us if you wish.

Room 2F

Have you ever slept in Futon? This room has a Japanese Traditional Style Specification. Hope you can enjoy the hot spring water flow and the interesting layout such as TOKONOMA.

Public bath

We are using Hot Spring from our original source. It is free to use for our customers only.


UCHIYU -Indoor Bath

It is spacious public baths that emit the aroma of the forest in Gora.

ROTENBURO -Outdoor Bath

There are 2 kinds of ROTENBURO. One is KAMABURO which is made by wood. The other is made by Granite.


UCHIYU -Indoor Bath

The public baths are specious such as blending into the nature.

ROTENBURO -Outdoor Bath

There are 2 kinds of ROTENBURO. One is made by rock. The other is made by SHIGARAKI-YAKI which is one of The Six Old Kilns in Japan.

Bathing Time Schedule : 15:00-24:00 / 5:00-10:00

Facility and Amenity

  • Natural Water and Square Bench.
  • Massage Chair.
  • Powder Room.
  • Security Box.

Nature of Spring and Benefits of Hot Spring

Name of Source Gora Hot Spring
Temperature of the Source 約55.6℃ (We adjust the temperature approximately 40℃)
General Indication Neuralgia, Myalgia, Arthralgia, Frozen Shoulders, Bruises, Sprains, Chronic Digestive Organs Disease, Hemorrhoids Sensitivity to cold, Recovery from Fatigue, Promotion of Health
Other Indications Arterial Sclerosis, The Cuts, The Burn, Chronic Skin Disease




We prepare ingredients that are in season, such as Finest Hida Beef and Fresh Fishes delivered every morning.


The dining area is divided for each room. Experience the Japanese Traditional Full Course with the quaint room.

Special Order for Food and Drink

We offer fine selected food and abundance of alcohol and drinks.
If you have any allergy or food dietary, please let us know at the reservation in advance.
It is possible to arrange the meal for only Pesco-Vegetalian. We apologize that we would not be able to offer you any other Vegetarian meals.


We prepare the delightful breakfast with our fine selection for your body and soul.
It is Japanese-Style Breakfast such as Rice, Miso Soup, and Grilled Fish….etc. Hope you would enjoy the finest Japanese breakfast that you can experience at Gora Hanaogui.


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Address:Hakone Machi Gora 1300-681,Ashigarashimo-gun,
Kanagawa, 250-0408
TEL +81-460-87-7715 / FAX 0460-87-7714

We may not be able to receive calls outside of the coverage area

Check in 3:00 pm Check out 11:00 am

To make your stay more confortable and relax, our check-in time is until 18:00.

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